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5 Useful Property Management Maintenance Resources

I've been browsing the web and researching property management for awhile now, but I've just started actively collecting and storing resources that I find useful. Some I put to use in my day job, others I plan to utilize one day when I'm out on my own. Today I wanted to share 5 property management maintenance resources that I think are worth checking out. 1. Preventative Maintenance Checklist This form is approved by the California Apartment Association, but I found it on a website of a property management company. It's really detailed and used by maintenance professionals. http://pleasantonpropertymanagement.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/Preventive-Maintenance-Checklist.pdf 2. Owner Maintenance Checklist Here is a maintenance checklist for property owners. http://quailpropertymanagement.com/owner-maintenance-checklist/ 3. Quickbooks Compatible Software I thought this was really neat for Intuit to put together. It's a list of software products for the property management industry that are compatible with Quickbooks. The PropertyWare software that's listed seems to have a lot of features related to maintenance, including work order management. http://marketplace.intuit.com/v2/f-property-management/software-solutions.aspx 4. Example of Property Management Maintenance On-Call Rotation Created by a call center, this resource gives a sample maintenance on-call schedule, complete with rotation and dispatch procedures. Pretty useful if you have more than one maintenance person and are putting a rotation together. http://www.continentalmessage.com/kb/industry/property-management/sample-property-management-maintenance-on-call-rotation 5. Blog Post: "Property Managers, Have a Backup Maintenance Plan" Recent post on Zillow stressing the importance of having a plan to get repairs made quickly in order to keep tenants happy. Two heating companies, two roofing companies, etc. You get the idea! http://www.zillow.com/blog/pro/2012-10-19/property-managers-have-a-backup-maintenance-plan-2/ Any other maintenance r......
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