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The Royal Society for Putting Things on Top of Other Things

Horseback RidersBy Colin McCarthy, J.D., Robinson & Wood, San Jose, CA From time to time, a property owner or possessor will give permission to others to use or rent out parts of her property and put things on it. A soda machine, a vending machine, a gas line, or even a pipe trestle. Those who use that land in this manner have a duty of care to third parties to prevent injury. The same duty that the possessor has. Here is a fun fact pattern. The land possessor runs a horse farm. He rents out horses to be ridden on the property. A customer asks for a mild horse. The land possessor gives the customer what he believes to be a mild horse. The customer takes said horse out for a ride. Said horse is not mild. Said horse goes where it wants to go and takes the customer along with him. Injury ensues: "Plaintiff and his wife rode under the trestle along the indicated road, with plaintiff's horse in the lead. After proceeding about 400 feet to the north at a walk, plaintiff turned his head to the left and called to his wife. As he made this movement, plaintiff's horse suddenly reeled about to the left and began racing back on the road toward the trestle, gaining speed as it went. Plaintiff attempted in vain to control or stop the horse by pulling back on the reins as hard as he could with both hands, but the horse kept going......
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