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Why People Are Like Bacon!

Why People Are Like Bacon!
A few weeks ago I was making breakfast for my daughter in the morning before bringing her to school. It was her first week of kindergarten so I wanted to make sure that she was “powered up” with a good breakfast. I whipped up some scrambled eggs, fruit and a couple of slices of turkey bacon.    My five year old looks at her plate, looks at me, and then says ...   “Dad, can I have REAL bacon, please?”   I had to laugh! Even a five year old girl-who knows nothing about the reasons why we eat mainly turkey bacon in our home, instead of “real bacon”, knows that there is a difference in taste, smell and overall experience between the two bacons. (Although I will say that Trader Joe’s turkey bacon is pretty good, considering.)    My daughter doesn’t have any of the guilt or worry associated with eating pork bacon, because she doesn’t know about any of the negatives associated with it. All she knows and focuses on is how great sizzling, crispy bacon tastes.    Me on the other hand-whenever I eat it I think about my rising cholesterol levels, my heart yelling at me, my arteries closing up on me, and the fact that I really should be eating some egg whites and a bowl of oatmeal rather than bacon and scrambled eggs. So even when I splurge and eat some real bacon, I don’t always enjoy it as much as I could. And many times, I simply avoid it.&......
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