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Two Unexpected Tips for Safely Reopening

As leasing offices across the country begin reopening, I’ve seen several tips for keeping employees and residents safe throughout that process: limiting access to amenities, offering self-guided tours, having employees wear masks when interacting with current and future residents, and more. However, there are a few things I haven’t seen people talking about much. Here are two quick recommendations for safely reopening that you might not have thought of: 1. Adapt your key control process so you can cycle people in and out of the office quickly. From vendors to prospects to residents, there are any number of people cycling through the leasing office in a day. However, to support social distancing, it’s important to minimize the number of people in your office at once. To keep foot traffic flowing, keep keys in an easily accessible yet secure location, such as an electronic key control system designed for front-desk use. If you use a smart lock system, have a plan in place for granting access to apartments and be sure you have an audit trail showing exactly who accessed each unit when. To ensure keys are available when you need them, have people return them promptly when they’re done using them. Take advantage of text and email alerts for unreturned keys if you have that option.  2. Disinfect keys regularly You probably already disinfect high-touch areas like doorknobs and light switches, but what about your keys (or smart tokens, if you use a smart lock system)? Think about how many people h......
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Unique Resident Move-In "Gift"


Welcome to a brand new year and brand new apartment marketing and resident retention ideas!  I think today's idea spans the gap between apartment marketing and resident retention, which I think is an interesting option.  It is also similar to a move-in gift in nature.  The general idea is having a unique key design for your residents when they move in.  It will obviously be more expensive than a standard key, but that's really a bad comparison, as it doesn't strictly serve the same purpose.  Yes, the keys both open the apartment door, but like I mentioned, the branded or unique key option is meant to make an impact like a move-in gift.  It is a conversation starter with their friends, and a reminder each time they unlock their door to the unique element of your community.  Here is an example of a uniquely-shaped key and a branded key:


When thinking of it from a move-in gift concept, what do you think?

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