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RHI: Resident Happiness Index

RHI: Resident Happiness Index
The more and more I think about apartment communities and SaaS companies, the more I realize how alike they actually are. In essence, apartments and SaaS companies provide a subscription service to their residents or clients. We are also focused on defining and improving the Resident Experience1 (RX) or the Customer Experience. There is also a little event that happens every year that we are both (or should be) keenly aware of - renewal time! Everything we do should be focused on making residents' experience so good that they don’t even have to think about signing another lease. How do you effectively track and monitor how happy your residents are leading up to the renewal? One of the tools that SaaS companies are building and using is something called the Customer Happiness Index or CHI. The CHI is a data-driven tool that allows you to take an objective look at your customers and determine how happy they are with the service(s) that you are providing them. It is a tremendously helpful tool that provides you a snapshot into how healthy your relationship is with a client at that point in time. CHI is certainly a tool or principle that apartment communities can borrow and tweak to make their own... so how about a Resident Happiness Index (RHI)? Now the tough part begins - deciding on what metrics and data you want to include in your RHI. If you've already defined your RX, then that's the best place to start. If you have not yet defined your RX, now is the time to s......
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