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The Cost of Bad Facebook Fans

When most companies and communities begin using a social network, their number one goal is often to increase the number of fans, followers, connections, etc.  If 250 fans is good, then 500 fans must be better, right?  In fact, I consistently get requests to become a fan of an apartment community, as they try to get fans in any way they can, even though I really am not the best target fan for them.  The problem, however, is that having more fans can actually hurt your efforts in the long run, if they aren’t truly fans. Let’s start with a basic idea to discuss the issue:  Imagine a community that has 250 fans, 50 of which are true fans of the community and would interact with the page given the chance.  Now imagine a community with 1,000 fans, 50 of which are true fans and would interact given the chance.  Traditional thinking would claim that the second community is in the better position, as they have more total fans that might see their message, plus they have the same number of active fans.  Unfortunately, traditional thinking in this case is wrong. When you make a post on your fan page, Facebook has to determine how popular it might be and how many people it should show it to.  A common misconception is that your fans will automatically see any updates you make, simply because they are your fans.  Instead, Facebook also has to feel that your post is worth the space it ......
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