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Is what you are saying hurting sales and leasing?

After listening to thousands of sales pitches, I can't tell you how many times I lost interest because of what the sales rep said. As an executive I feel bad because I know that the rep is doing what they have been taught to sell their product or service.

I think that too often the sales presentation and marketing slicks are created from the company perspective and not the audience.
So ask yourself, is what you are saying hurting your sales?

Join me to learn how you can immediately improve your sales. 

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Be Likable

People want to rent apartments from people they like. Even if they don’t realize it, they want to connect on a personal level. It creates trust and a sense of belonging.

Being likable isn’t always easy. But a few years ago, I learned a trick that has helped me tremendously. Shut up and listen.  If you know me at all, you know how hard it is to not insert my opinion. Simply listening to someone makes her feel special. It makes her feel like the most important person in the room.  Most importantly, it shows her that I’m interested and that I care.  

If you listen, you can find common ground with your prospects.  It gives you the ability to look for opportunities to connect personally.

Laugh at her jokes (even if they’re not funny), smile during the conversation, and ask questions.  A lot of questions.  But of course not in a trial lawyer sort of way. Make it casual and relevant to the common ground you discovered.

The point is, let her shine. And, truly enjoy what she has to say.

I have found that my conversations with prospects and strangers will often get so focused on the other person that I actually do very little talking.  Sure, it can feel a little unfulfilling for me at times, but it makes the prospect feel like they just met the most interesting person in the room, the person they just like them.


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Use Reviews as Research

If you are reading only your own reviews, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.  There is much more to a review than you might initially think.  Review sites are an overlooked source of research. Research about you AND your competitors.    “The office closes at 6pm during the week. It’s almost impossible to make it home by then to get packages when you work full time.” “I wish the community was cleaner. The trash cans are always overflowing.” “I wish there was better equipment in the fitness center.” “The office staff was pretty consistent when I moved in, but in the last six months I see a new face every time. It’s really difficult to have a relationship with a staff that's constantly changing.”   Wow, that last quote was pretty powerful, right?  These are all statements from real reviews.  Residents are sharing more than just their opinions.  They are telling us what they need and desire.  And, they are doing it publicly.  Because they are giving us so much information, it is easy to understand not only where you are lacking, but also where your competitors are lacking. Reading and understanding reviews for comps in your submarket is how you find out what real prospects and residents want and what they value right now.  This is how you learn about amenities and services they wish they had.  As you can see above, the wish lists are pretty achievable.  We are learning that it is the little things that make the difference......
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Every Good Conversation Starts with Good Listening

I am a reformed bad listener. Scratch that. A reformed terrible listener.  And, the people that were speaking to me didn’t even know I wasn’t hearing a thing.  I had mastered all the nonverbal cues that made people think I was listening and actually cared.  You know, the uh-huhs, head nods, and small head tilts.  I was doing all of this while my mind was racing through my task list or thinking about what I wanted for lunch. To get over this, I finally learned to mentally prepare myself to actively listen.  This was especially important when I knew I was about to get in a conversation with a “talker.”  That person that doesn’t take a breath or stop talking in circles until you rudely interrupted him or her.  Yes, that person, the bane of all future conversations with strangers.  So, why was it so important that I suffer through some of these conversations?  Once I learned to actively listen, I was able to get so much more than just the words they were saying.  It almost became a game, because I was getting more than the person actually intended to share with me.  I started focusing on the message behind the words rather than the words themselves.  This is important because most people are awful communicators, which is probably why there are so many bad listeners out there. We gotta pass the blame somewhere, right?!  If you focus on the message, you can understand what the person is trying to convey re......
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