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Yik Yak - A Social App Teeming With Potential

Yik YakWhen discussing social media platforms/apps, the question of "what is the next big thing" is always just a breath away.  I doubt Yik Yak is the next big thing, but it could be incredibly useful for our industry.  To sum up the idea, it is similar to Twitter, in that the posts are short, but anonymous, and hyper local.  It is also very top-heavy with college kids, which makes it invaluable for student housing properties. As I think about how to share this app, I am immediately hesitant, because I know a certain percentage will think, "Great, a new place to share my specials!"  Please don't.  But then how to actually use it? To be honest, I'm not sure how to answer that question right now.  My first thought is market research.  You can get so much information about your target audience by simply reading what they are talking about and care about.  Are they watching the NFL playoffs?  Are they going to certain restaurants or bars?  Are they playing certain sports?  All of these things can be integrated into your operational plan that defines the lifestyle you are trying to create and support at your community.  That, of course, is more passive market research, while I believe you can also do more active research, as well.  Ask a question that helps define what amenities to focus on, for example, "Do you use your apartment community pool?"  I'm not sure if that is the best wording of the question to get......
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