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7 Tips for More Effective Meetings

7 Tips for More Effective Meetings
Budget season is upon us, which means your calendar is most likely packed full of meetings. In-person meetings are an important part of running a successful business, but if those meetings are disorganized, they can be a drain on your time…time that’s already stretched thin as it is (especially during budget season!). Do you frequently lead meetings in your office? Here are five tips to help ensure your next meeting is effective and efficient. 1. Ask Yourself if a Meeting is NecessaryThere are many instances when a meeting is necessary, but sometimes, a phone call, email or quick stop at your coworker’s desk will suffice. 2. Determine the ObjectiveHave you ever left a meeting and thought to yourself, “What was the point of that?” It’s frustrating to attend unproductive meetings…especially when there are piles of work waiting for you at your desk. Make sure the meetings you organize have clear, concrete objectives. 3. Set (and Stick to) an AgendaWhenever possible, distribute an agenda in advance so attendees know what to expect and can come to the meeting prepared to get to work. And during the meeting, stick to the agenda! If something comes up that isn't relevant to the meeting’s objective, set it aside for later and bring things back on track. 4. Keep it ShortI don’t know about you, but most meetings on my calendar seem to be set for an hour. Do you have a meeting objective that can be achieved in 30 or 45 minutes? Then only book 30 or 45 minutes.......
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