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Turning the "Oh, Shoot!" Moments into "Ah Ha!" Moments

Oprah calls these moments, “Ah Ha!” moments. You know – those moments of enlightenment. However, I have found myself in those “Oh! Sh%t!” moments more often than the other. So, how do you get from one to the other? Practice. Experience. Creative problem solving. Collaboration. And, Sheer will power, in some cases.   Here’s an example of a time when I realized I was in an “Oh, Shoot!” moment. I’ve had many but I’ll just share this one. I had always wanted to take up skydiving. My first jump took place about six years ago, when my son and I decided to try it together. What better way to bond, Right? I made the arrangements and the first opportunity we got, on a sunny weekend morning we went to class to learn the ins and outs of packing parachutes and the proper form when letting go of the plane’s struts.  My son was due to ship out in a week so the timing seemed right. It never dawned on me until the day of our scheduled jump that anything bad could happen.     We were pretty excited! We agreed I would jump first and Thomas Sean would follow shortly afterwards. We had practiced falling, landing and how to roll if needed in order to prevent injury by jumping off a ladder to the ground. I infuriated our instructors because I am, one, afraid of heights, and two, it all seemed funny to me and I could not do it without......
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Motivate Your Team - Your Business Depends On It

When it comes to the multifamily business, we're only as good as the people we employ.  One employee CAN ruin your reputation.  From personal experience a lot of employee issues deal with a lack of motivation no matter how much we train or reward them.  We must identify quickly if our employees and teams lack motivation and if they could cause harm to our business.  We all must act as CMO's (Chief Motivation Officer).   Motivation isn't consistent.  Motivation can spring up at any time. You can be motivated one minute and completely lazy the next. Motivation can change by the hour, the day, the week, etc...  Because of this constant change you need to be able to identify something I developed called the motivational zones.  Why the zones?  So that you can match your current behavior and mindset to your current motivation.  The motivational zones are based on a 0-10 scale.  0 being completely unmotivated and 10 being the pinnacle of motivation. I encourage you to identify the motivational zones your employees and teams are in so that you can resolve any issue right away.  It's also imperative that you know what YOUR motivational zone is as well.   0-2 Zone #1 - Need to be challenged/guidance needed: In this zone you're having trouble getting motivated.  This might occur when you first get up in the morning or when your child is screaming bloody murder and won't go to bed, or when your boss just ripped you a new one and you question why your still working there. ......
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