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Unique Resident Move-In "Gift"


Welcome to a brand new year and brand new apartment marketing and resident retention ideas!  I think today's idea spans the gap between apartment marketing and resident retention, which I think is an interesting option.  It is also similar to a move-in gift in nature.  The general idea is having a unique key design for your residents when they move in.  It will obviously be more expensive than a standard key, but that's really a bad comparison, as it doesn't strictly serve the same purpose.  Yes, the keys both open the apartment door, but like I mentioned, the branded or unique key option is meant to make an impact like a move-in gift.  It is a conversation starter with their friends, and a reminder each time they unlock their door to the unique element of your community.  Here is an example of a uniquely-shaped key and a branded key:


When thinking of it from a move-in gift concept, what do you think?

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