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Hey Student Housing, Stop Playing Top 40 in Your Clubhouses

Hey Student Housing, Stop Playing Top 40 in Your Clubhouses
Important Update: I recently discovered, thanks to an industry colleague (Thanks Lindsay B!), that playing music in the manner described below does not comply with the terms and servicing of music providers. UGH. You can read more about this in this article. In short, the major music distributors see this type of streaming as a way to increase the customer experience and they want a cut of the action. So, unless we're willing to dish out more than 9.99 per month (a lot more apparently) the method below is a no-no. What a shame, I know. My new mission is to figure out how to get good music into our clubhouses while appeasing the musical gods. So sorry for the confusion, stay tuned. --- Music in our clubhouses and models isn't something we tend to put a lot of thought into. Most of us throw on Pandora or a top 40 radio station. But is there more to it than that? Is there a more scientific approach to stimulating this one of five senses we're taught to cater to? I think there may be, especially for student housing and the 18 – 24 year old demo. In our college years we tend to break away from the norm, from the mainstream. We're on a mission to define who we are. What better defines us than the music we listen to? During our prepubescent to teenage years we tend to listen to whatever pop culture says we should be listening to - N'SYNC, O......
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