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Negotiations can by sexy! Get the compensation you deserve.

Negotiating your compensation is so important to your career and confidence.


Do you ask for what your worth? If you do not negotiate you are leaving money on the table.

Do you ask for more PTO or holidays? If not, why not?


Ladies, historically you negotiate better for the company's behalf. But tend not to ask for what you deserve. We need to change that.

There is an art to negotiating. Join me to learn what you can do to better position yourself to get what you deserve.


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Negotiating Apartment Investment Deals

Finding a property with strong upside and intrinsic value is only the beginning of an apartment investment deal. Negotiating with a seller or broker in order to reach a mutually beneficial agreement can be tenuous and fragile. You may often find yourself walking a fine line between offending the selling party and meeting the needs of your business. Look for a few scenarios that may help provide a positive outcome. My most preferred forum of negotiating a deal is to speak privately and directly with the owner before it is on the market. It is easier to achieve an agreeable price and terms without middlemen (brokers) or other buyers involved. If a deal has already been made public, my competition may be influencing the seller. Having a relationship with the listing broker is another quintessential negotiating forum. Ideally, I am the first, or one of the first, investors that the broker shares the deal with. A realtor or broker may often take a deal to their most trusted investors first because they have proven performance. It takes time to cultivate such relationships, but it is worth it for the advantage of being ahead of the market. The third most ideal scenario for me to negotiate an apartment investment is when the property has been on the market for many months and has yet to sell. Typically this means the deal is already over-marketed and has likely gone through a couple of failed closings, meaning a motivated seller and less competition. There......
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