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DEAR GABBY: Marijuana & Multifamily - What Do I Need to Know?

DEAR GABBY: Marijuana & Multifamily - What Do I Need to Know?
Dear Gabby, I’m really curious about marijuana and how it is affecting the apartment industry.  And what’s the deal with smoking pot in apartments? Is it ok to do?  Asking for a friend. Sincerely, #ItsAJointEffort     Dear #ItsAJointEffort, Please be sure to share this blog link with your “friend”.  This topic seems to be becoming more and more of a HIIIIIIGH priority discussion in the multifamily industry. Here’s what you need to know… If a police officer asks, “How high are you?” – don’t respond back with, “No officer, it’s ‘Hi, how are you?’”   I kid, I kid…. Most apartment complexes nowadays don’t want residents smoking anything (tobacco or marijuana) because it damages walls, carpets, etc. - not to mention that other non-smokers living in the buildings can be unwillingly subjected to secondhand smoke. The best policy for multifamily owners/managers: To have a non-smoking policy.  No matter which side of the fence you’re on regarding marijuana use, we all want the best experience possible for our residents. As most of us know, it can be difficult to identify a specific resident or apartment home that is lighting it up. It isn’t always obvious which apartment the smoke is coming from which adds to the difficulty in determining who is not playing by the rules. These days, most people have no idea what’s higher…phone bills, gas prices, or their neighbors. It can be increasingly frustrating and irritating for unwillingly exposed residents as they often times will become combative with the office staff that things aren’t being taken care of. T......
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Resident Retention Lessons From the Presidential Election

Every Presidential election includes one important step of trying to personalize the candidate; make them relatable to the average voter, whether it is as a fellow parent, someone you would love to have a beer with, or someone you admire and aspire to be like.  At this year’s national conventions, both Michelle Obama and Ann Romney attempted to humanize their husbands and show that they went through the same struggles and similar values as others throughout the country. So let’s take a leap back into property management…  There is a concept in leasing that prospects lease because of the leasing consultant more than anything.  And that is probably true – the leasing consultant personifies the community, by giving a “face” to the buildings.  A good leasing consultant will make the prospect feel safer, more comfortable, and the feeling that the prospect will like the others that live in the community.  But that personification tends to break down when the prospect imagines his or her fellow residents once they move in.  With the exception of maybe the very social, people are often wary of others around them, more likely to assume they are not like them rather than assume they are.  Think about it this way:  If a resident truly thought that his or her neighbors had similar interests, backgrounds, and values, they would have little difficulty in approaching each other and making friends.  But that clearly is not the case.   So like the Presidential elections, we need to personalize our residents.  We......
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