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Combating Student Housing NIMBYism

Combating Student Housing NIMBYism
NIMBY [nim-bee]: An acronym standing for not in my backyard. It’s commonly used to express opposition by a group of people towards the development of a residential, commercial or civic project, such as student housing. In such a circumstance, the group believes that the project will have adverse effects on the surrounding community, often leading to decreased property values. In many cases, these community members identify the need for such a project, but prefer it be developed outside of their neighborhood.   So how does NIMBYism relate to student housing? To start, it’s a relatively common occurrence for local or neighborhood collectives to voice opposition towards the development of major student housing projects, citing reasons such as increased noise, decreased property values and vandalism. Many groups often paint a pretty negative portrayal of student housing.   This sense of NIMBYism is often echoed through media channels, as these stories are picked up because they stir up a lot of controversy and attention. Almost every other week there is a story about student housing being opposed or rejected. Here are just a few examples:  Concerns over new student housing development near McGill Student-housing plan faces opposition in Fort Collins Homeowners complain of student housing growth in Hamilton Purpose-built student housing will not be permitted in the downtown urban core   While scanning student housing news, it quickly becomes clear that NIMBYism is a big problem in this sector.   One of the most troublesome things about NIMBYism in student housing is how the opinions of few......
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