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4 Ways to Recruit the Best Candidates Online

4 Ways to Recruit the Best Candidates Online
The days of recruiting and newspapers and print ads have largely passed—today, if you aren’t recruiting online you aren’t getting the best candidates. Recruiting online successfully takes a careful strategy: you have to know where to post and what to post in order to attract talent.   1. Use Your Website Most employers have job listings on their websites, but usually they are buried and difficult to navigate. You website is one of the first places a job seeker will look, so maintaining up-to-date job openings and an easy way to apply is crucial. What’s more, if a job seeker is coming to your website to apply for a position then it means that they are interested in working with you specifically—if  not, they wouldn’t have taken the time to seek you out—and having specific apartment job openings on your website is the best way to connect with candidates who are going out of their way to find you.  2. Check Candidates out Online Most candidates are online in one form or another, and checking out their profiles can give you some insight. Looking up a candidate can tip the scale if you are wondering whether to call someone for an interview or make them a hiring offer. LinkedIn is probably the best place to start checking out a candidate’s credentials– this is where they should list all of their work experience in one place.  3. Use Social Media The use of social media as a recruiting tool is growing, and if there are any ......
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