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Outreach Marketing... Tell One Person

Marketing outreachTell one person.  Marketing your property is just that easy. Many times marketing efforts are limited to post and run. Sticking flyers in someone’s hand.   Posting a flyer on a bulletin board and running out the door, will only bring minimal results for outreach marketing. The real value is the personal contact. It’s not limited to the conversation with the first person you meet, what matters is the impression you make.  Because, the person that you’ve talked with, will talk to someone else; and the opportunity for a general referral begins. Talking to People You Know Imagine checking out at the grocery store.  There’s a conversation with the person at the cash register. “How are you today?; (and appropriate pleasantries, with a simple added phrase,) “you know, I manage Awesome Apartments, located just down the street.  If you know of anyone that might need an apartment, we have great apartment homes!” This is where the value of outreach marketing is created. The conversation and contact also applies to  memberships with the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club and Junior League.  Paying a membership fee because there’s a link to a web site, or someone might include print materials is a missed opportunity for greater exposure. Meeting business owners and managers creates the value for a personal endorsement and referral. “I met the manager from……you should check them out….” Is the beginning of a great referral. The old adage, of you tell one person and they tell a person is the beginning of an awesome referral chain. If a property has a weekly......
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Merging Resident Appreciation, Social Media Awareness, and Outreach Marketing

a1sx2_Cupcake marketing_Kate-Good-Marketing-Slide---Cupcakes.jpg

Kate Good presented her 2017 Marketing Playbook yesterday, and there were loads of great ideas shared.  One of my absolute favorites was a mix of resident appreciation, social media awareness, and outreach marketing, all in one program!  Kate's team sent out cupcakes to residents at their place of work as a way to show the residents how much they were appreciated, as well as hopefully gain some great social media mentions!  Sure enough, Sandra took a picture of herself with the cupcakes and posted the picture back to Vargos' fan page!  Mission 1 and Mission 2 accomplished!

What Kate said next really struck me:

See how we popped in tri-fold brochures in there too - that's also great for outreach, because you know Sandra isn't going to eat all 12 of these cupcakes.  She's going to share them with her coworkers, and we want them to know where the cupcakes came from.

Mission 3 accomplished!  How great is that - resident appreciation, social media awareness, AND outreach marketing all in one program! 

 a1sx2_Cupcake marketing_Kate-Good-Marketing-Slide---Cupcakes.jpg


If you liked that tip, you can still catch Kate's full webinar with loads more ideas by going here:  Kate Good's 2017 Marketing Playbook


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Targeted Marketing To Maximize Each Prospect

Last week, I shared an NAA Education Conference-inspired blog about not seeing our prospects as commodities, realizing that some prospects are inherently better than others, such  as those who stay at our community longer, pay rent on time, and treat their neighbors with respect.  In a perfect scenario, we would take the "pick of the litter", snagging the absolute best prospects first, and leaving the less-than-ideal prospects for our comps, all while strictly adhering to Fair Housing laws.  The challenge, of course, is to find this information and act on it, by either targeting certain demographics or increasing acceptance criteria to weed out negative prospects.  But the benefit is enormous by finding residents who stay longer, pay rent online, and have the potential to truly fall in love with your community!  There are countless ways to improve your mix of residents.  In the preparation of this blog, I was able to identify six targeting/screening options, but you will surely find more as you dig deeper. NOTE:  By attempting to do any targeting as I mention below, it is extremely important to understand Fair Housing laws.  I am not advocating targeting by (or against) any protected class - these suggestions are to encourage targeting for other factors, such as if someone is fitness oriented or a dog lover.  But also be careful to not discriminate unintentionally.  For example, would targeting hockey fans be a problem considering 92% of fans are white?  Consider those implications before implementing. 1) Overall demographic targeting.  This is......
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Planting Outreach Seeds for a Crop of General Referrals

imageEvery marketing plan includes the activity of community contacts, marketing to local businesses or the all generic OUTREACH. At the end of week, a quick review of tasks not completed, needing to be rescheduled, the outreach activity leads the way. the office was too busy someone called in, the office would have been shortstaffed. outreach was completed last week, didn’t want to bother the vendors. not sure what to do The list goes on. Outreach efforts will not remedy an occupancy problem today. Visiting local businesses, realtors and community service agencies will not generate an influx of visitors to a property.  Community Outreach is partnering and becoming involved with the neighboring community. The choice of staffing for Outreach assignments will determine the success of this marketing effort. An effective outreach contact might include a conversation with A local business owner or general manager: We’ve noticed that several residents at our property are employed at your business. We wanted to let you know your business has been selected as a preferred employer. Any of the employees of your business that move in to our property will receive a rent discount (or discounted application fee, etc) A large real estate office or relocation specialist: We wanted to give you some information on our short term and furnished leasing options. We know families looking for new homes may not immediately find what they’re looking for, or someone may encounter delays in construction with a new home. Our property has furnished suites available for weekly stays, and h......
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Outreach Marketing 101

Outreach Marketing 101 Outreach marketing allows us to connect with other businesses on a more personal level. It allows us to market our community in unique ways to get people to start talking about us. Outreach marketing will not bring mass traffic to your door but will help bring awareness to your community. The key to outreach marketing is to target areas that have your demographics and to make your presentation memorable, hopefully inspiring conversation about your community when they are talking to a friend about places to live or when they research apartments online. Remember to be consistent with your outreach marketing and build a relationship with local businesses. Here are a few easy & affordable outreach marketing tips you can use for your community outreach marketing. 1) Choose a local business in the area that many people visit to be your community’s “Business of the Week/Month”. Make sure to let the owner or general manager know that you have chosen them as your business of the week or month, and ask if they have any coupons or special discounts they can give you for your residents and prospects. In exchange, feature them on all your social media sites, community blog and property website. Bring the business a present for being your local business of the week or month. Make sure you have a sign printed for them to display that can say “We are ABC Apartments Business of the ____________”. 2) Pumpkin Patches are just around the corner and are great......
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