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Is the Picture of Your Pool Really Attracting Prospects?

b2ap3_thumbnail_community-pools.JPGI happen to love apartment community pools, and with newer properties, they often do a great job at "wowing" any person who comes to take a look.  At least, that is what would happen if their pool was the only one in that market.  But as we all know, many of our comps have beautiful pools too!  So if everybody has an attractive pool, how does that change the impact on the prospect? The pool, as it turns out, has a direct link to our online marketing.  People are visual creatures, as Instagram and Pinterest can attest, so the first thing they will often look at is the picture of the community.  So now we have a choice - what picture do we use for our communities?  Well, an extremely large percentage choose the picture of their "sparkling pool".  This means that individually, a community can look attractive showcasing one of their most attractive elements, but when lumped together with several other properties, you get the effect seen on the right.  They are all attractive pools, and even though they are not exactly the same, they haven't differentiated themselves at all! Considering how many people start their search for an apartment online, it is probably the most important element to your marketing.  And yet, the solution for many communities is to do the same exact thing as all their competitors.  Maybe I'm crazy, but that seems absolutely insane to me. I recently came across this post, "My friend took a photo......
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