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Problem-Solving at a “Hell on Wheels” Apartment Community

Problem-Solving at a “Hell on Wheels” Apartment Community
Every apartment community has its own unique personality.  In fact, it is very likely that the one you are working at right now will fall into one of the following three personality categories: 1.       Hell on Wheels: A difficult, demanding, back-breaking, problematic community. 2.       Easy-Going: An average, occasional challenge, mostly pleasant community.   3.       Push Button: A simple, no sweat, uncomplicated, “daily vacation” community. In my previous blog, Can a “Push Button” Community Impede Employee Potential, I discussed how spending too much time at a “Push Button” community could potentially mask an employee’s true performance abilities.   Now it’s time to head on over to the “Hell on Wheels” community. If you are currently working at this type of community there is good news. You are being challenged!  I know it might feel more like a daily struggle but there are plenty of differences between the two. The energy of a challenge is totally different from the energy of a struggle. One sucks the life out of you, while the other makes you stronger—really.  A struggle makes you want to shrink back. A challenge helps you grow. A struggle wants you to give up or give in. A challenge encourages you to press on. A struggle breaks your strength. A challenge develops your strength. A struggle exposes what’s lacking. A challenge unveils abundance. A struggle says, “You can’t do this.” A challenge says, “You have what it takes.” Through each challenge and conflict, you become energized.   Here’s the thing – leadership IS a full-contact sport and it’s certain......
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