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Targeted Apartment Marketing For Qualified Traffic – Bedroom Versus Office

Apartment Marketing for Qualified Traffic

I absolutely love targeted apartment marketing ideas, as long as they are within the confines of Fair Housing rules.  I recently found this conversation about a marketing approach that catered towards professionals versus students.

Apartment Marketing for Qualified Traffic

I want to note that the point of sharing this is not to advocate against students by saying they are bad renters, but rather highlight how property managers use targeting strategies to fit their particular goals.  It just happened that these property managers favored professionals rather than students, but there are obviously countless strategies that would work in the opposite way to attract students. 

It appears that the fear of Fair Housing often leads property managers to water down their apartment marketing to appeal to every single person possible, but I think this is a brilliant approach to using the wants/needs of their target demographic to drive interest from a particular group.  (Although their use of "young" is probably not appropriate from a Fair Housing perspective)  Anything that (legally) gets us out of the one size fits all mode I think is a step forward, in my opinion.

(To some property managers who have been in this industry a long time, targeted marketing like this is nothing new, but please keep in mind that we always have a fresh group of new, inspired property management professionals who are looking to expand their knowledge!)

Brent Williams is Chief Insider of Multifamily Insiders.  You can connect with him on LinkedIn or on Facebook.

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