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Should real estate agents want a rental department?

ATS 6.17.14

Given the recent upswing of homeowners-turned-landlords happening in the marketplace, some real agents might be considering adding a rental department to their office. If you find that you are taking on more work in the form of filling rentals lately, it could be beneficial to hire someone strictly for the purpose of overseeing the firm’s property management interests.

ATS 6.17.14

Your firm could benefit from this in several ways. Having a dedicated PM on site will free up agents to do more selling, and therefore provide better customer service to the landlords who are entrusting you to oversee their tenants’ needs. It can also bring in new business, because property owners who then decide to sell will look to hire your firm to do the listing.

Having a separate rental department is a great way for agents to bring in multiple streams of income, and solidifying their reputation as a major player in the area housing industry.

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