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2014 Real Estate Trends Every Investor Should Know About

There are many big changes taking place in the real estate industry, and projections for the new year hold a wide array of challenges and opportunities. New regulations and trends taking the stage in the coming months could impact the real estate market for years to come. Take a look at some of the game-changers coming into play next month. Dodd-Frank Act Regulates Home Buying Several new regulations on mortgage financing will take effect on January 10. Perhaps the most significant impact of the new regulations include the ability-to-repay rule, which gives consumers the right to sue lenders for miscalculation of their financial health for a loan. As a result of this, loan requirements will become even more stringent. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has acknowledged that these new rules may increase the costs and risks of obtaining a mortgage, but are necessary measures to prevent a future crash. Between 2006-2008 the delinquent mortgage rate rose by 50% and the foreclosure rate by 175%. The CFPB published this summary of the way these changes will affect consumers. Young Renters are Moving by the Masses The Urban Land Institute published their Emerging Trends in Real Estate Report in November, which stated that the majority of real estate trends are based around the Millenial Generation (born between 1975-1995). 63% of Millenials expect to move within the next five years, and 38% of those individuals expect to move into a multifamily rental property. The ULI report also stated that Millenials are moving toward midwest and pacific northwest smaller metropolitan markets, as opposed......
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