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Can You Spell E-V-I-C-T-I-O-N?

I am going into my thirteenth year in property management. Applause! Just kidding - no applause is necessary. : )  Over the years, the most difficult tasks for me have been conducting move out inspections and discerning any charges to be applied to the account and handling evictions. Both are necessary actions to be sure. I will tell you, I get a kick out of evictions a whole lot more than I do conducting move outs.   With evictions, it seems so cut-and-dried, even though to the Resident it may not seem that way. Obviously, I’m not an attorney so I can’t dispense legal advice, but somehow marching into the courtroom to face a Resident head-on is kind of exhilarating to me and gets the adrenaline rushing through the veins. I liken it almost to being a soldier going into battle, except I arm myself with a very experienced attorney instead of a gun.   In any event, my most recent eviction is being conducted, as I am now waiting on the Judge’s ruling. It got me thinking very seriously about how it had come to this anyway? The case seems simple. Did the Resident pay his rent? Um, not really. He submitted a check for the rent; however it did not clear the bank. So, no, he didn’t successfully fulfill his financial obligation. I thought I had completed my “due diligence” by leaving the actual rental decision based on information from a third party who screens the credit and criminal......
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