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A new approach to Resident Retention   According to SatisFacts, when residents were asked what can be done to improve the community, Social Activities was ranked 29 out of 30. Some may take this info and think to themselves….OK, let’s do away with the activity budget but a forward thinker would ask why?   The truth of the matter is it doesn’t take a survey or any written research or documentation to admit that the majority of us in this human race love to be social. I’d also like to suggest that it doesn’t take stepping outside of yourself to know what draws you to certain social activities, gatherings, groups, etc. Well the same thing goes for your residents. They know what they like to do, why they like to do it and for the most part how to go about doing it. What they don’t know is that it’s OK for them to do these things amongst themselves within your apartment community and how to go about getting started. This is where you come in.   Have you considered rather than trying to be an expert on good events becoming an expert on finding out exactly what your residents want when it comes to being social and giving them an outlet to do so?   Think about it. What if you stopped planning events and started planning to truly get to know your residents? This totally takes the guess work out of trying to figure out how to entertain ......
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