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Magic Johnson’s Guide To Handling Resident Requests

b2ap3_thumbnail_magic-johnson-cropped.jpgMagic Johnson spoke at the Texas Apartment Association 50th anniversary EXPO this past week, sharing stories about how he grew up with ambition, how he motivated those around him in his basketball career, and how he saw potential in the urban market through movie theaters and even Starbucks.  But the most impressive part of his speaking was not the content, but rather how he managed to pull it off with raving fans all around him.  You see, the room was filled with people desperately wanting a picture of Magic, so they waved, screamed, and did anything they could to shake his hand.  As you can imagine, it had the potential to completely disrupt his speech, as he literally ran from one side of the room to the other taking pictures with fans.  But somehow, he managed to not just pull it off, but do it in a way I would have never imagined.  Rather than get annoyed with the audience, he started pulling them into his presentation, standing them up and talking directly to them for part of the story.  He did it with class and grace, and managed to not only give a great speech, but also satisfy the voracious appetites of those who wanted a picture. In the end, Magic had one of two options.  He could have retreated back to the stage and made a promise that he would take pictures afterward, and that would have been completely reasonable.  In fact, he would have been pretty justified at......
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