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CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: The Roller Coaster Ride

                                                                Our experiences as customers can often resemble a roller coaster ride—taking us up and down hills, twists and turns, and sometimes facing sideways. Read any number of customer experience blogs or articles, and you'll see a popular theme. It's this notion that, in order to earn customer loyalty and referrals, you must consistently exceed their expectations—give them the ride of their life—every time!  Is this realistic? Does the ride (experience) become exhausting at some point? Does it break down?  While I certainly appreciate setting high expectations, the reality is there are the occasional hard falls. I am sure you have been there. You set the expectations too high (the customer or the service provider) and sometimes you end up with the “Gee, I wasn’t expecting that!” moment—it’s not always pleasant. Then just as you are about to throw up your hands, the ride takes a quick turn and the thrill begins once again.   Every day residents are riding the apartment community roller coaster. I believe a great resident experience is  built around a series of “moments of truth” during their interaction with your employees. Those on the front line, the resident’s primary contact, are expected to help them and deliver a pleasant experience—but it doesn’t always work out that way. Every person on your team, even those you may not think of as customer service personnel, has the ability to make a positive impact on the experience, improve resident retention, and in some cases even turn a ......
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