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Are you a bully? And don't even know it?

Bullying in the workplace happens more often than you think. Bullying can be subtly masked, but still be as damaging as more obvious examples.

During this very candid, personal talk you will learn to how to spot some of the behaviors & common techniques of a workplace bully.

If you are wondering if your behavior is bullying, ask yourself how would others view what’s happening. If most people would see a specific behavior as unreasonable, it's time to change that behavior.


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Help Residents Build a Community They Won't Leave

Help Residents Build a Community They Won't Leave
Community organizing isn’t just about getting out the vote—it can also mean engaging your multifamily residents so they become long-term renters who care about fellow residents. Building an apartment community action group doesn’t have to be about any one specific effort, but it can certainly grow from an event coordinated by management as a sort of ice-breaker for community residents who might want to meet their neighbors and build a great little neighborhood. It Starts With the First Event So many multifamily events require free food, and it’s a great way to get people to show up. (Get some tips on planning a great community event to make sure it’s well-managed and reflects the competence of your staff.) Introduce residents to your staff members by having the staff prepare food and serve it. Waffle bars or Sunday Sundaes are popular events, and give your staff plenty of opportunity to interact with residents, build relationships, and start asking for suggestions for future events. Those residents who have suggestions might be willing to help organize, so ask for their help. They’re going to be the backbone of your future residents’ association. Use Surveys to Highlight Causes or Concerns Distribute a survey (and provide an online link option) to find out what your residents are passionate about, or to highlight areas of concern. In the survey, as for volunteers to address the issues. While concerns about safety and cleanliness should set off an alarm bell for management and send you into remediation mode, a desire to pro......
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