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Would Your Company Hire Richard Branson?

Would Your Company Hire Richard Branson?
Have you heard of Richard Branson? My guess is that you have. Because you know, he is only one of the most successful businesspeople in the world.    How many people do you know that started their own record store, recording label, airline, space tourism company, and other ventures? He is estimated to be worth almost five billion dollars … and oh, by the way, he is also a knight in the United Kingdom for his contributions to entrepreneurship; so he is technically, “Sir” Richard Branson.    Not bad for someone without a college degree.    That’s right, one of the most successful entrepreneurs and humanitarians today does not have a college degree. Which means that for some of you, Richard Branson would not qualify to be a high level leader, manager or executive in your company.    There is a company that I know of that is moving towards requiring their community managers to have college degrees; which means that Richard Branson, he of the “I spoke to NAA a few years ago because I built a business empire worth billions of dollars!”, would not be eligible to manage a 150 unit community for this company.   Does this make sense to you? It doesn’t to me.    #SMH   Listen, I’m not criticizing a college education or minimizing it’s importance or value in today’s world. What I am criticizing though, and challenging ,is the belief held by some companies that ONLY employees with formal education are eligible to move on and up; while th......
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