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Inspections: Failing is not an option!

Inspections: Failing is not an option!
If you own a property in Los Angeles then you know how important inspections are. Inspections could be the breaking point of your profit if you fail, therefore it is important for owners to be informed of the inspection process. The Los Angeles Housing Code Enforcement Divison is cracking down on unapproved construction and unsafe living conditions. It is stated in the their mission statement "It is the mission of the Los Angeles Housing Department Code Enforcement Division to identify and facilitate the abatement of physical conditions and characteristics of substandard and unsanitary residential buildings and dwelling units which render them unfit or unsafe for human occupancy and habitation and which conditions and characteristics are such as to be detrimental to or jeopardize the health safety and welfare of their occupants and of the public." On top of the routine inspections given by the Housing department, there is a separate division under it called the Complaint Department. This department's sole purpose is for tenants living in a property who feel their living conditions are unsuitable for them to live in. The city inspection department answers within 72 hours. After, the department has spoken to the complainee, an inspector will come to visit the property and unit of the tenant that made a complaint. In most cases the owner is unaware of the inspection happening because it is not required to inform the property owner until after the inspection is completed. If the inspector finds three or more violations in the building,......
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