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Working with Millennials in Property Management

Working with Millennials in Property Management
My assistant recently announced her retirement. I was not surprised as she has been alluding to it for months now. Over the past few months, I have also been asked to be on a search committee for a mid-level management position and help with other various candidate interviews. Reflecting on those interviews along with the excitement of leading my own search for a new assistant sparked my interest on the thoughts and perceptions of working with Millennials in the property management industry. First, let me disclose that I am a millennial. I work primarily for millennial residents as I manage a graduate and student family housing apartment community. As a renter and consumer, I like things new, shiny, and technologically advanced. When I need to know something, I need to find it quickly on my iPhone or iPad preferably using Wifi to avoid data charges. AT&T captures Millennials fairly well with their “We Want More” commercial. Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnA3C9Af_oc. Let’s start with Millennials and Career Progression. Millennials want to climb the ladder quickly. This should not be a hard concept to grasp. If you know a high-schooler, then you know that everything is competitive. Academics, athletics, volunteerism, college admissions. Some of these kids will carry that ultra-competitive spirit throughout college and into your community office. The idea of just leasing apartments for several years will not be enough for many Millennials.  Here is where great managers will set themselves apart from the rest. Let them grow. “Managers need to really ......
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Seniority Just Means You Weren’t Fired

I was thinking about career growth a while back, and I remember one of my former bosses who was passed up for a promotion.  This was a boss who always handed her work off to her assistant, who would take extra long lunches and leave work early on a consistent basis, and in general didn’t really push her community to do anything special.  But when a job opening came up in the company that she wanted, she was absolutely shocked that she was passed up.  Suddenly I heard cries about how she had seniority, and I have to say, it almost made me laugh out loud when I heard that.  She wasn’t even doing her own job, let alone proving herself worthy of a promotion!  Since then, I have heard people talk about seniority all the time, and I have come to realize that doesn't tell the whole story at all.  They could be incredible employees that have been with the company for 15 years, OR they could be mediocre employees that managed to go 15 years without being fired. Hiring someone new is really not a fun task, so people are often allowed to coast quite a bit before they are fired.  In other words, people can stay at their job a lot of times by barely getting the minimum done, sad to say.  But after years, they might suddenly find themselves with seniority!  But do years of barely skirting by (or even being average) in any way make them pro......
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