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Serve But Be Insured

InsuranceBy Colin McCarthy, J.D., Robinson & Wood, San Jose, CA One of my practice areas is insurance coverage work. I represent people and help businesses work out issues with insurance companies regarding whether a particular lawsuit, loss, or claim is covered by insurance. For many people and businesses, insurance is a must and coverage is a matter of everyday life and business practice. Drive a car, get insurance. Own a home, get homeowners insurance. Run a business, purchase a CGL policy. Get business interruption coverage. A gray area is when we are not quite acting as a person or a business. We are volunteering. We are working selflessly for others. For the common good. Sometimes we are paid. Sometimes we are not. The soccer league, church council, and the HOA cannot get along without us. There are important decisions to be made for the soccer league, for the church, and for the condominium complex. But those decisions have implications! People are affected by them. People are denied permission to do things. The HOA must act if it has information. If the collective “it” of the HOA knows of a dangerous condition, act it must, as we know. But what if only some of the directors are aware of the dangerous conditions? What if that director or directors do nothing? And what if someone gets hurt? He gets sued! And he could, in California, be personally liable for not acting on that knowledge. Yes, personally liable, separate and apart from the HOA ent......
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