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Winter is Coming - Why you and your maintenance team should chat

b2ap3_thumbnail_5345634279_3052f2ee79_b.jpg  "Winter is coming!" No, not THAT winter. Actual winter, which involves actual snow (not John Snow), and more cold-weather related service requests.  When you consider service requests, there's an interesting void that exists in our industry. While these requests are a daily occurrence, they are one of the least likely aspects of the job a leasing agent will receive training on. Typically, one learns how to take a service request by listening to other team members take a service request. The result is often a vague work order that will ultimately require more than one trip to the unit and the maintenance shop. This reduces the number of service requests that are resolved in one day. Which increases both resident and maintenance team frustration.  The answer? 1. As a team, use your work order system to identify the 10 most common service requests received in the fall/winter months.  2. Maintenance team members, walk the office team members through any potential trouble shooting tips they can share with residents for those top 10. If the office team can provide an easy self-help solution, that's one less trip for a maintenance tech! For example, if a garbage disposal is not working, walk the resident through the process of hitting the reset button. 3. For each of the top 10 service requests, ask the maintenance team to identify 5 critical questions they would like the office team to ask when that service request is reported. Using the garbage disposal example, one question m......
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Service Request Follow Up Calls, Resident Feedback Please!

imageTaking the time to make phone calls after service is completed in an apartment may seem to be a low priority task or even a time waster. “Maintenance does a great job, I hear that from every resident I call.” Wow! What a great problem to have! With that factual information, a property could state in their advertising”100% Resident Satisfaction on Maintenance Service.”  That’s a headline that will  attract attention. Quotes from the residents comments, using resident first names for authenticity could be included with permission. Calling as a follow-up courtesy, isn’t about checking up to see if maintenance did the task correctly. With professionals, taking pride in their work, the follow-up call is not checking up on maintenance. It’s confirming the residents are satisfied. Was the work you requested completed? Was it completed in a manner to your satisfaction? Was the response timely? Did you find our team member to be professional and personable? Were there any questions regarding the repair that were not answered or explained to you? Is there any additional repairs that should be completed in your home? Giving residents an opportunity to provide detailed information about the service provided to their home indicates a true interest in customer satisfaction  Try to phase the questions to avoid the basic yes or no answers. Scheduling maintenance to make these calls, at least one day out of the week gives the maintenance team an opportunity to hear the positive feedback firsthand. On the occasion, a resident may offer suggestions or express disappointment with their service......
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Resident Retention: The Heat is On

Apartment maintenanceTemperatures are slowly dropping across the country, and that means residents will be turning up the heat in their homes - which means a fresh round of service requests for our maintenance teams!    So while they are proactively asking residents to check and test their heating systems, ovens and stove tops before the holidays arrive, it's a great time to "turn up the heat" on the little graces and courtesies that encourage the residents' love for your community to Burn, baby, burn!- When it comes to service requests, T.M.I. does not apply! Write the most detail you can to set up maintenance teams for success!- Maintenance teams: smile and greet residents by name whenever possible. They'll feel like V.I.P.'s and will spread the word on your personalized service.- Wear shoe covers when entering a resident's home. This is a physical sign of respect for their home and can reduce the amount of dirt or precipitation that you might track in during the winter months.- Leave the work area as clean as or cleaner than you found it. When the work area is spotless, residents have greater confidence in the quality of your work.- If the repair will be delayed for any reason (i.e. super short staffed for the week, part needs to be ordered, warranty issue, outside vendor needed), notify the resident and give estimate of when work should be completed.- Follow up on completed service requests to ensure everything was completed to their expectation.Remember that "Quality of Maintenance Services" as the......
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