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Communicating in Social Media | Part Two

Communicating in Social Media | Part Two
  In Part One of this series, I encouraged those looking at starting a social media program for their communities to see if they had the right people in place to do the job right. The next step to consider is whether you have the TIME to do the job right. In other words, simply creating a Facebook page, uploading pictures from your last resident event, and writing a post to let everyone know that rent is late after the third is NOT enough. Did you know that 42% of people who complain to a company via social media channels expect a response within one hour?* According to this same survey 32% of customers expected a response within 30 minutes! Finally, did you know that 57% of people who contacted a business expected the same response time even if the company was contacted after business hours or on the weekends. People view social media very differently than other channels of communication. Social media is seen as a more accessible, organic, vibrant and interactive form of communication with a company than email or writing a letter. Social media is, well, social, so people expect that it will be like an ongoing conversation. And for many people, it is! Think about it, do you ever see anyone standing in a line anymore (especially at Starbucks) who doesn’t have their phone in hand, texting, surfing, tweeting or posting? We love the technology because it is instant! We’re instant with friends and family . . . an......
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The Fundamentals of Direct Marketing Are the Same, Only the Tools Have Changed

By Linda Day Harrison, theBrokerList, Chicago, IL The other day a property manager asked me how one can make money for their company and building, using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN or any other online network. It was a great question. I believe so many property managers, leasing agents and real estate professionals are confused about how these tools can be used. Networking sites are just that: tools. For example, just because you use Twitter, you will not make money. Twitter is a vehicle to carry a message with the potential for your message to be read by many more people without paper, postage or labor to stuff an envelope. So if you want to get the word out about a property you are leasing for instance, the goal is to touch as many people with your message as possible. How do you do that? Well if you are a leasing agent there are companies with many employees in a given market that you want to do outreach to. It is very difficult and time consuming to create email lists of those contacts and maintain current emails. Those businesses have employees who want to live as close to work as possible. By reaching those businesses, you have a very good chance that the employees at the company also follow their own company on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIN. By sharing your information through their stream of influence, you are touching a wider audience. Yes, you have touched the company, but they touch many more......
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