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Decisions About Your Business Are No Longer Made In A Vacuum - Surveying Your Residents

Survey ResidentsThe beauty of social media is that it makes your customers and residents significantly more accessible.  Although we could have always surveyed our customers, which I still highly recommend, social media allows us to easily have an open dialogue to help us adapt and define our business based upon what they actually want. I recently came across a resident poll by The Village at 815 Main Street that asked, “How do you feel about a Smoke Free community? As a resident, would you move out because of the restriction, OR embrace a healthy change in your lifestyle??” Although the results will surely not be as statistically accurate as a full resident survey might provide, I find this to be a fantastic way to get an idea of what your residents truly care about.  It is very simple to assume what residents want based on trends shown in the media or hearsay, which doesn’t always reflect the customer’s actual interests or needs.  So while it may sound like a great idea to change to a smoke free community in the echo chamber of internal decision making, using tools like this to get a feel for your residents’ thoughts on the matter is fantastic. Note:  I think this should be a starting point, not an ending point in the discussion.  If results from a simple poll like this seem interesting, it probably means a larger, more statistically-accurate survey is probably appropriate. What do you think about this way of getting feedback from your......
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