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When "Taking the Conversation Offline" Completely Backfires

comcast-google-fiber-outage.JPGOne of the top strategies to reputation management is to "move the conversation offline".  There is an inherent danger of discussing an issue in the open with an angry resident, as you never know how that conversation will go, and whether it might blow up in your face.  That is a legitimate concern, however, it is important to know that the attempt to take the conversation private may be making you look like the villain.  For example, Comcast recently tried to take a shot at Google Fiber by having an outage during the World Series: First of all, blasting a competitor is never a good idea, especially when Comcast is one of the most disliked companies in the country.  So not surprisingly, there were a flood of responses that were clearly anti-Comcast:  (Sorry for the language) As you can see, their post didn't do them any favors, and frankly, they didn't have many strategies to choose from that would have resulted in a positive response.  But regardless, they decided to try to take the conversation offline.  So now we head on over to Reddit where there were thousands of people discussing Comcast and this post.  And of all those people, this was the 2nd most popular comment: While Comcast might have been honestly trying to simply discuss their issues in more detail offline, from the readers' point of view, the attempt appeared really shady, as it looked like they were trying to hide from more bad comments.  So the strategy ended......
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