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Texting: Everybody’s Doing It.

Texting: Everybody’s Doing It.
Text messaging has revolutionized the way that consumers are communicating and connecting not only with each other, but with brands as well. According to Frost & Sullivan, text message open rates have reached 98%, which means you can’t afford to not utilize this medium for communication. If your community is currently utilizing a text messaging platform, highlighted below are some “out of the box” ideas to apply texting to your current marketing initiatives. And if your community isn’t, perhaps these additional resident engagement ideas will help to highlight the additional benefits of two-way communication with your residents in the way they prefer.   Resident Engagement: Newsletter sign-ups. If your community sends out a newsletter, utilizing a texting platform allows users to text in to sign up or opt-in. This approach is also great because traditional print pieces, such as flyers, can be used to promote subscription, making it easier for people to sign up from their phones right there on the spot. Request work orders. Allow residents to request work orders via text instead of calling them in or stopping by the office. Calling in a work order can be more time consuming than it needs to be, especially if the office is busy. Having the ability to shoot a quick text to the community with a request would be convenient for both parties. The property receives the feedback through email, making it simple to catalogue and respond to. Coupon distribution/specials. Create membership levels within your community where people get specials or announcements via text. C......
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Top Insider Community Texting Tips and Observations Revealed

By Guest Writer Amy Kosnikowski, National Speaker, Consultant and Industry Educator The multifamily industry has seen a surge of technology tools and resources over recent years which has resulted in onsite teams being more efficient, productive and improving customer service offered to residents. These tools include online apartment listing services, cutting-edge websites, revenue management systems, resident portals, integrated accounting software and marketing tracking systems. One area that is currently getting a lot of attention is the rapid rise of texting mobile communication and its potential benefits for onsite teams.     The nationwide statistics reported by HubSpot are startling that on average, in a given period of 30 days, 76 percent of people have sent a text message and 98 percent of text messages that are sent are opened, and 83 percent of them are opened within three minutes. CTIA, The Wireless Association® (CTIA.org), recently found that an email is typically read 48 hours after it is sent, while the average text message is read in four minutes. Also did you know that Nokia found that the average person looks at their phone 150 times a day, or once every six-and-a-half minutes of every waking hour? That is remarkable!     Interesting to note is that according to SatisFacts’s national “Today’s Online Renter” email survey, email (91 percent) is the residents preferred method of communication from community management teams followed  by (78 percent) cell phone, text message (28 percent) and then in-person (27 percent). Renters 18-24 years old are the most......
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21 Ways to Show You’re Social [in pics]

Social Media is powerful—that’s pretty much recognized across the board. But a massive social following doesn’t just happen overnight (unless you're like Jeremy Lin or Madonna). Which is why it can be beneficial to promote your community’s virtual presence in the real world.

Here are 21 examples of how businesses create visibility for their social media platforms through means which are offline. Some tactics could clearly translate to the multifamily biz, others would take a bit more creativity. So to get you thinking...

Dillard’s Breezeway Billboard - In a fairly basic attempt, Dillard’s invites shoppers to get updates on special offers and events through their social media platforms, by placing a sign near the store’s entrance. Easy, simple, to the point. 

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Have You Opted-In to Texting Residents and Prospects?

Text-A-ResidentThe mobile market is booming, and while you may have joined the latest trend with a mobile phone purchase of your own,  this technology can now be incorporated into your community by reaching residents and prospects in the way they most prefer—text messaging.  In return, your community can save time and resources with just a quick trip to the computer.  With an easy log in to your chosen texting platform, designated employees can type in a short text message and with a simple click, your message is in the hands of your subscribed residents, prospects or both. Imagine reaching your residents quickly with notifications like: “Your lease is almost up. Stop by the leasing office to check out our latest specials to renew!” “Just a friendly reminder, rent is due Monday.” “Sorry we missed you. You have a package waiting in the leasing office.” “Powerwashing this Thursday.” “The next resident social is April 15th. See you at the pool at 2pm.” Want to take your text campaign even further? Utilize cross-promotion partnerships, as shown in the former post "Attract New Residents with Cross-Promotion on Facebook" to offer local deals and discounts in your text messages like, “Have you tried the new fitness center across the street? Show this text and receive a membership for 1 month free!”   Data released in February 2011 from SatisFacts, a national apartment-resident survey firm, shows that cell phone (53.9 percent) and email (55.7 percent) are neck and neck as residents’ number one preferred method of communication.  In addition, you......
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