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A Property Manager's Guide to Friendsgiving

On the surface, it seems like there wouldn't be much to complain about when it comes to Thanksgiving. There are so many positives:

  • Holiday revolves around food, most of which being brown carbs (which are the most delicious carbs)
  • No work/school
  • Parade
  • Friends episodes with Brad Pitt/Underdog
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Helping the Homeless: Don't Limit Your Good Deeds to the Holidays

It's Thanksgiving week and hopefully that means you'll be spending lots of time with family and loved ones in the days ahead. Of course, this week is also the “unofficial” start of the holiday season. During this time, when the weather turns cold and people focus on helping those less fortunate, the plight of the nation's homeless is perhaps more prominent than it is during the rest of the year. I hope that we in the multifamily industry are doing everything we can to extend a helping hand to those experiencing homelessness during these next six weeks. Volunteer at or donate needed supplies to local homeless shelters. Spend a day working at a nearby soup kitchen. Make a financial contribution to the countless organizations that are working every day to provide housing and job training. But when the holidays are over, I urge you to please not forget about the many individuals and families in our country experiencing homelessness. They're still there, and they're still suffering. All those activities suggested above, please find a way to do those throughout the year as well. Just a few of the many homeless-focused organizations deserving of your time and support include the National Coalition for the Homeless, the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity and Homes for Our Troops. It won't take much research to find a suitable organization in your community. Better yet: make a commitment to hiring individuals experiencing homelessness and even providing them with an apartment hom......
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Resident Retention: Pardon That Turkey

b2ap3_thumbnail_Turkey.jpgWe've all been guilty of it: "One-two-three-not-it!" the office team groupthinks as THAT resident comes in for the 5th time this week. Who will be the poor sucker who gets stuck this time? I'm not going to pretend that we're gonna absolutely love every person who moves into our community, but we've got to remember that each person is a customer, which makes them a VIP. And we need to treat them as such. Reality Check: Now more than ever residents are looking for a "sense of community." But according to our most recent study conducted with Ball State university this summer, "sense of community" begins with the resident's connection with the community staff, not with the other residents! So, with that reality in mind and with Thanksgiving in sight, it is entirely appropriate to discuss how to deal with those Turkeys (the people, not the birds). 1. Give a warm welcome and a fond farewell. This come straight out of the Ritz-Carlton handbook, folks. Think about when you arrive at a friend's house for dinner and how good it makes you feel when you walk in the door and your host/hostess lights up and seems thrilled to see you. While we don't need to greet each resident with a hug, we can make them feel important by being happy to see them. Often times, this one action (showing genuine warmth) can take the wind out of a complainer's sails. They may be more reluctant to demand attention on their p......
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