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Did You Watch the Super Bowl in Spanish?

Did You Watch the Super Bowl in Spanish?
We know that the Super Bowl is the biggest television event of the year, right? I mean, even people who aren’t fans of any of the teams in the game, or people who aren’t even football fans at all, will watch the game ... or at the very least, the commercials during the game. Did you know that Fox (the network that broadcast the Super Bowl) asked for an average of $4 million for a 30-second advertising spot during the broadcast?    Yes, the Super Bowl is kind of a big deal ... which is why it was so upsetting when in the middle of the second quarter my television screen froze in the middle of this Volkswagen commercial:  I wasn’t the only one left wondering “What happened?” For millions of Time Warner Cable subscribers in Southern California, this is what they saw on their television screens for about an hour as the rest of the nation watched the Super Bowl. (Again, only the biggest television event of the year.) Apparently there was a malfunction on Time Warner Cable’s end, processing the video signal from the Fox broadcast feed; which meant that Southern Californians watching the standard definition feed of the game got to see the girl in the VW ad instead.    Isn’t This What You Do?   So, why was I so upset that Time Warner Cable wasn’t showing the Super Bowl? Well, it was because TWC is a cable company-which means that their whole reason for existing is to provide cabl......
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