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Two Ways You Can Stress Out Your Vendor Relationships

We started receiving requests to post anonymous posts on our Multifamily ShareSpace group, which we are happy to do, and today, we were asked to post an anonymous blog!  I can tell you I have heard similar thoughts from others on these topics, so this is definitely not an isolated incident.  Please chime in within the comments on your perspective of this issue.     I have two thoughts I would like to offer anonymously to the group from a vendors perspective.  I have been on all sides of the desk from on-site to corporate management to now a vendor.  As a vendor I obviously don’t want to come off as complaining, but would like to offer some perspective to a couple of issues.   1) The importance of vendor payments and their timeliness.  Many people look at vendor businesses as vast institutions with deep pockets, and some are.  But a great many are small companies that depend on those payments to meet their day to day obligations.  Management side employees who are responsible for getting vendor payments processed would be very upset by even a day or two delay in receiving their weekly paychecks.  Yet, sometimes they lack in getting vendors invoices processed on a timely basis not realizing the trickle down effect it can have on a business’s bottom line. Those payments are not only our paychecks but also reimbursements for expenses we front in order to complete a job for them. Down payments help offset expenses, but don’t help if th......
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Suppliers, What Do You Hate About the Process Of Submitting A Bid?

In a recent survey, we delved into how apartment communities develop their budget, and one question in particular asked about what frustrations and challenges they had in finding suppliers.  One of the most common responses was surprisingly simply getting suppliers to submit a bid!  Now the layperson might be thinking that is ridiculous - We are trying to give them business and they don't even bother to submit a bid!  But there is often another side to the story, and I have heard an alternate response from suppliers:  Essentially, a supplier can spend so much time submitting bids that they lose focus on the service itself that they provide.  And with many quality bids losing out to unqualified companies with lower bids, it can be a frustrating process, leading to wasted time.  So instead, it is a better use of time to focus on the personal relationships with their contacts where work is obtained without going through as many hoops.

So this is a request for suppliers to share their side!  What are some of the frustrations with submitting bids?  What would you suggest property management companies do to increase the number of bids they get, by making it easier/less time consuming/etc for the supplier to take the time to submit a bid?


Share your thoughts in the comment area below!

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