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Is Funny Effective?

I love all the different forums that provide opportunity to share questions, thoughts and ideas about the property management business. The other day though, I didn’t like my response to someone’s question/post because I sounded like “a no fun, Debbie Downer".  The question was, does anyone know of a funny, but still professional, way to do video for an apartment community.  My response was that I wouldn’t do funny because people looking for a new home consider it a serious matter, not a matter for entertainment. I’ve seen lots of video’s that communities have made using pets, giving funny tours etc...where it’s obvious they had a lot of fun doing it and feel it was successful. The question to determine its success though is what was the objective?  Is it to promote camaraderie among staff, is it to show the light hearted side of the staff to the current residents, or is it to appeal to prospective residents to entice them in your community's direction? Anything you put on-line has the opportunity to affect the latter.  Like any other marketing project you have to have a clearly defined objective, in other words you need to think about the end at the beginning.   In full disclosure my company produces video’s for MFHI so it would be easy to construe that I have a bias. So I would like to use an analogy that most can relate to - finding a new hair salon.  Simply interchange apartment with salon and leasing staff with stylists.You ar......
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The Next Wave in Video Marketing For Your Property: Hyperlapse

I am a huge fan of video for marketing apartments, with one of my favorite companies being ShowMyProperty.tv, and now, there is another tool that you all will definitely want to check out!  The system is called Hyperlapse, developed by Microsoft, and will be an amazing way to create time lapse videos of the areas around your communities, or possibly even within your communities.  This video explains the process, and I hope you can see the possibilities of creating videos for apartment communities:

I had actually had this blog waiting in the wings for a week or two because Hyperlapse wasn't available to the masses.  But now, Instagram has created a new app that allows you to create your own Hyperlapse video!  Here is an example:


What do you think of this as a tool for marketing an apartment community?

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Word of Eye Marketing

Word of Eye Marketing
Spend a few minutes online, and you’ll realize that photos and videos rule the space. This phenomenon, known as ‘Word of Eye’, is taking the digital world by storm. According to brand consultant Julie Cottineau, who coined the term ‘Word of Eye’, consumers are highly visual these days and technological advances have turned visual currency into the currency of choice. Visual content is easy to create and share – after all, Facebook users upload over 350 million images per day and nearly 4 billion photos have been shared on Instagram. With stats like these, it’s easy to see why visual content rules the social space.    “People don’t have a lot of time for words. Increasingly, we’re finding that it’s the visual process, the ‘show me, don’t tell me,’ that gets consumers hooked,” says Julie. As a brand, creating visual content is more important than ever. It’s easy for viewers to ‘like’ or ‘share’ images across all social platforms, so your images have the opportunity to be seen by more eyes – a powerful form of free advertising!    Incorporating Visuals Into Your Marketing Strategy    Images capture experiences more accurately than attempting to describe them, so think of your community through a visual lens. Prospective renters want to see photos of apartment interiors, lifestyle, and amenities, because it helps them visualize themselves living in your community. It's important for community listings to feature high-quality images that showcase attributes of the property, capturing the attention of apartment shoppers. Using video to highlight the features of your community is an even better way to appeal to renters, ......
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How to Create Organic Videos for Marketing

Have you seen those videos featuring Southwest Airlines flight attendants doing their pre-flight instructions in VERY untraditional ways? Here is a link to one of their videos. One of my favorite video series are the ones that IBM produced called “The Art of the Sale.” This is what happens when “The Office” meets corporate video. Here is the link to a video.   Before I ever set foot on a Southwest airplane I had already “fallen in love” with their brand and their company, because of the reputation they’ve developed through videos like these. I was even more suprised to see the IBM videos, and it made me like them even more; especially since I always imagine IBM to be like stuffy business folks in extra pressed white dress shirts all sitting around a corporate conference room table. It was refreshing to see a different side of IBM.   What does this have to do with you?   You can harness the same power of video to reach new clients or to strengthen the bond you have with your existing ones.   Let me explain further...   When I managed a community I decided to create videos with an inexpensive Flip camera, inexpensive (even free) editing software and some creativity. What we did was to make short (usually 30 second to one minute) videos that we uploaded to YouTube. We then put the links in our Craiglist ads to try and make our postings a little “stickier.”   Obviously, you're not limited to using ......
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Videos That Get Watched

I'm getting requests for my favorite videos I showed during my panel discussion on Videos That Get Watched at the VMS conference. Here ya go! All 6 are worth a look.

If you have not clicked on this one yet....do it and prepare to laugh and the video and marvel at the unique use of technology.

Video Brewery is like Crowd Spring where you post a project and people submit storyboards and bids. They are great for creating explainer videos. Check out their gallery.

Remains the most amazing launch of a business in 2012 by using this one video by Dollar Shave Club. However, I wonder what their launch would have looked like if they included a link to action??!!

You know I LOVE the mini cooper peep show. This video became a powerful commercial for the launch of their new topless car. Bada Bing!

My cospeaker showed the video for Entrata, Property Solutions new product. Some behind the scenes info, this was shot for $1,000 plus the price of talent, in their office. Cool! But, I am convinced property management people have better eyewear!

Prepare to be moved by this incredible video that Eric Whal and Jon Engles shot and edited in 7 hours. Bravo. It moves me.

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