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My Apartment Collection Story

b2ap3_thumbnail_rent-collection.jpgI often think it's valuable to share things from the renter's point of view, and although I no longer live in an apartment, I have one final story to share with you.  Early last year, we moved out and bought a home, and at the time, we believed we did not have any outstanding payments left.  But this week, almost 20 months later, I got an email from my former apartment community that I had a remaining charge of $24.66 from a delayed water bill.  Before I continue, let me be clear that although the ridiculous delay of this bill is annoying, that in itself was not the problem.  What really made me as a renter upset is that even though this is the first time I have ever heard from them after 20 months, they felt it necessary to add this nice little threat at the bottom: "Please remit balance due within 15 days from the date on this notice. If payment is not received, the balance due will automatically be turned over to our collection agency and the credit bureau. Should you have any questions, please contact the community office immediately." Is this really how to treat former residents?  Don't contact them for 20 months, and when you do finally get around to letting them know, tell them to pay within 15 days or get submitted to the credit agency?  Obviously, this is a standardized email, and it probably got sent out to all past residents when they implemented......
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