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4 Ways Landlords Can Reduce Utility Costs Without Sacrificing Comfort

4 Ways Landlords Can Reduce Utility Costs Without Sacrificing Comfort
Landlords’ utility costs are heating up. Last year, U.S. water costs rose faster than nearly every other household expense. The ongoing California drought did little to dampen the visibility of water shortages, and many water distributors had no choice but to raise prices in accordance with demand. Cities across the nation are testing tiered pricing structures to distribute water fairly, but their battle is a testament to the struggles property managers face on a daily basis.   Water isn’t just outstripping other household costs, though — it’s beating the regular market by a wide margin. Excluding food and energy costs, the Consumer Price Index rose by 1.8 percent last year, while water costs rose by an average 6 percent. And during the past 30 years, water prices have actually increased faster than oil prices.   As if rising water costs weren’t already squeezing landlords, energy prices are also trending up. The cost of electricity will continue to climb and is expected to increase 18 percent by 2040. Although oil might be cheap today, demand for it and other energy resources is poised to skyrocket over the next decade and a half.   Landlord and facility management professionals aren’t expected to solve our growing resource crisis, but they do feel the sting of increasing utility prices more than most. For today’s landlords, the challenge is reducing utility expenditures while maintaining the level of comfort tenants have come to expect.   Drop Costs, Not Comfort   Every residential building, old and new, can make a few simple changes to wrangle utility costs, help the planet, and keep tenants ......
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