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The Credit Legislation Debate

Opinions om if Congress regulate credit reporting.

Take a Bite Out of Skips and Evictions

Take a Bite Out of Skips and Evictions

What would you do to reduce over 50%, over 60%, or over 75% of skips and evictions at your communities? That's the question we ask property professionals across the country when they ask how payroll direct deposit impacts resident performance.

The answer is simple. Payroll direct deposit – the heart of Rent From Payroll programs – assures that prorated funds toward rent are deposited electronically to a rent savings account every payday for our residents so that they have full rent when rent is due. Residents who fulfill their lease obligations by having their rent delivered on time have no reason to skip out on their leases or be taken to court for late payments. That's a solution you can take all the way to the bank.

What works at your communities?

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