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Talent replacement costs more than $$$. Did you know that?

The cost of employee turnover has a financial cost, but the intrinsic cost can be even greater. I believe that if you put people first your results will follow. There are simple solutions that you can put in place to reduce turnover and engage with employees.
With a holistic approach, we can hit on areas that employees crave, create pride and be known as an employer of choice. Not only will this reduce your turn & costs, you will recruit & retain a higher level of talent and outperform your market.
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A few days ago my daughter (who is almost five) and I were participating in a market research survey. As we sat in the waiting area I turned to her and whispered, “I need to go to the potty.” (Yes, I said "potty!") As we stood up and walked to the bathroom she said loudly, “Wow, Daddy! You’ve had to go the potty a lot today!” (Thank you endless diet cola refills at lunch!) A part of me was mortified that she would say that out loud in front of a group of people. The other part, well it could...
A few weeks ago Maria Lawson wrote a phenomenal post asking the question, “Do you need to fire your favorite manager?” Her post explored the idea that sometimes we keep people employed because we really like them, even though we know that they really need to go and challenged readers to consider making the tough decision. Her post got me thinking about the other side of the coin ... is there someone on your teams that you need to reach out to, that perhaps you ignore, or don’t give much attenti...
I was discussing employee development strategies with the leaders of an organization and my first question was "what are you doing to recognize your employees?" The answer was "They get a ten-year plaque, but they have to wait awhile to get it!" while nervous chuckles from the group of executives ensued. The giggles were not at all in the face of those poor employees who were toiling away for ten years before they received any recognition from their company... they were nervous giggles that said...