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The 7 Most Outrageous Student Housing Amenities

The 7 Most Outrageous Student Housing Amenities

As student housing expectations continue to rise, an increased number of unique and luxurious communities are being built; individual units are also being renovated. Along with this, property owners are including some crazy amenities. For example, some of the facilities below have placed great emphasis on standing out in their community. 

  1. University of Twente - Exterior Rockclimbing Wall

    This dorm is a 9-story building built with shipping containers; it has 87 apartments. Not only is this eco-friendly and cost saving, it also has the added excitement of a rock-climbing wall on the exterior! Why not take a break from your studies to catch a fresh breeze out on the wall.

  2. University of North Florida - Lazy River

    At first glance, many might mistake this as a luxurious Florida vacation resort; but in fact, it is student housing at the University of North Florida. Residents of Osprey Fountains dorm enjoy a beautifully crafted lazy-river and spacious pool area. 

  3. The Castillan - Gaming & Arcade Room

    Ping-pong, foosball and billiards tables, plus multiple arcade games; what more could a student ask for? The Castillan takes leisure to the next level by offering an elaborate arcade and gaming room where residents can let their inner-child out to play.

  4. High Point University's Residence Halls - Prime Steakhouse

    Most students at the university are required to live on campus until senior year, but who would contest to the onsite 1924 Prime steakhouse! It provides 5 course meals and can be accommodated through meal plan points. Dress codes apply!

  5. The Cottages of College Station - Elaborate Fitness Facilities With Steamroom, Sauna, Tennis Court & More

    Gyms are becoming a common luxury amenity with purpose-built student housing; but the Cottages of College Station have a decked out an elaborate fitness facility. This facility includes a gym and yoga room, steam-room, sauna, tennis court, tanning beds, sand volleyball court and more!

  6. The Yurts at St. Lawrence University - Camping Style Student Housing

    The Yurts may be a paradise to some, whereas, not so much to others. It provides the full camping experience with propane lights, cooking range, a wood stove and bunks. Students bath in a wood-fired sauna or in the lake. It allows its students to enjoy the beauty of nature with no outside world distraction.

  7. MIT's Simmons Hall - Giant Ball Pit 

    Simmons Hall exhibits distinguished architecture, striking design and many creative features. It has a giant ball pit for relaxation or to bring out your inner kid again. It also has chalk-able walls to drive imagination and creativity, which are usually covered in drawings or physics equations. What other housing facility focuses their government system on ‘openness and awesomeness’!

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