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The Covid-19 Parcel-Geddon and property managers’ golden opportunity.

Online shopping has gone through the roof since COVID. Online sales rose by 74% when Lockdown first started back in March 2020, compared to the same month in 2019,   and despite the easing of restrictions, most people have not returned to traditional shopping on the High Street. Why should they? The High Street is losing retail outlets and with household names such as Debenhams moving online, the average town centre is no longer such a happy place as the retailer exodus continues.

This means that parcel delivery is also rising. It was estimated that it would reach 200 billion parcels delivered by 2025, but with the increase in online shopping , we are likely to reach this figure far sooner than anticipated.

It is easy to see why. Online shopping appeals to all demographics. Elderly people, who were initially reluctant to embrace technology, have taken to it like a duck to water during the pandemic and have stuck with it. Younger people too find the convenience of online shopping is hard to beat.

 Although this is good news for online retailers and parcel delivery companies; the high volume of all these parcel deliveries is causing major issues at the end of journey, especially in high occupancy dwellings such as apartment blocks and housing complexes.

Parcel- Geddon is already upon us

For property managers this is already at crisis point. Property managers are now struggling under a Parcel - Geddon of deliveries which arrive at all times of the day (up to 10 pm) and have to be dealt with promptly and efficiently in order to get each package to each recipient.

However every challenge is a chance to shine and for landlords and property managers there is a golden opportunity to turn things around and offer a fantastic solution to tenants.

Mailroom Management Software is a fantastic solution for landlords and tenants alike.

If you are a landlord or property manager, you already know that the each tenant’s experience is super important, because happy tenants make for a happy building and finding new ways to improve tenant satisfaction is always a priority.

So adopting Mailroom management software is a fantastically easy way to improve your tenants’ experience without causing any disruption to yourself or your organisation . In fact it makes the job of the property manager far easier than before.

Each time your property manager hands over a parcel on time, your tenant will feel happy and this feeling is associated with the person giving the parcel, in what is known as the Christmas Effect.

In a survey on tenants carried out by property development company Ballymore , parcel management was voted one of the most popular services on offer, even out ranking amenities such as swimming pools and the cinema.

By streamlining delivery services with mailroom management software, you can tap into this happy feeling. Your tenants will receive their awaited parcels immediately and your property manager can not only bask in reflected tenant happiness, it will free up their time for their other tasks.

Mailroom Management Software streamlines parcel delivery

Mailroom management software automates parcel delivery. On arrival, the parcel is automatically screened and logged by the app, and the recipient is notified immediately.

In most cases, the parcel will only need to be stored for a short period of time, unlike traditional parcel management where packages can spend days locked in the mailroom if the tenant cannot be reached.

Mailroom management software makes parcel delivery easy. It means that staff no longer have to log parcels into a delivery book or an excel sheet as is the case now. Instead, it offers a paper-free system that is super fast, efficient and doesn’t require any special training.

In conclusion…

Parcel delivery is only going to increase in the future and is already a growing problem in multi-occupancy dwellings and commercial office buildings.

In order to turn a problem into an advantage, offering effective parcel management will be viewed as a huge benefit to tenants. Now they can order online without worry and for the property manager and landlord it is a fantastic way to demonstrate that they care about the wellbeing and happiness of their tenants.

Parcel- Geddon may be upon us right now, but with mailroom management software, acting as a golden bullet, this is no longer the disaster that threatened to destroy harmony in your building or complex.


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