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The funny and strange of 2015

The funny and strange of 2015

2015 is over! I'm sure we all had a lot of, shall we say interesting, questions or situations with residents. Let's look back at all of the funny and strange things that have happened and have ourselves a good laugh into the new year. 

Here are some of my moments from 2015:

1) I had a guy suggest installing male toilets with our newly remodeled apartments. I'm guessing he meant a urinal? I still haven't figured out what he meant. Weird!

2) The tenant across the hall from our office asked me to watch her boiling mac and cheese noodles while she ran to the gas station for milk. Odd request, but I did it. She was very appreciative, and now we're buddies. :)

3) A lady who gets those monthly chocolate testers in the mail gave our manager a rum ball. It had a LOT of rum. He got the funniest look on his face!

4) For our resident event/pool opening party we got a dunk tank and the residents donated to a local charity to dunk myself and the property manager. Wet, shocking, but fun!

5) I typed a couple of work orders that weren't quite right; "the toilet runs when you flush it" like, duh, that's how they work, and "the sink is leasing" instead of leaking. The maintenance guy had a good laugh at my expense! :)

I hope you all have a happy new year!


New Year Resolution Joke -
"I was vegan for a while. I lost 6 lb, but most of that was personality." -Pippa Evans: There Are No Guilty Pleasures

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The funniest thing that happened that I can think of is the day the Magistrate's Court "Went to the dogs." The tenant we were seeking an eviction for had a Pit Bull service dog. She didn't bring it to court with her, but her best friend came with hers. Four Rottweiler service dogs. They all laid under their chairs in court. No one else sat near them.

  Sandy Martin
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Sandy...I am curious about your post regarding service animal/pit bull? Why were you evicting her?

  Anne Sadovsky

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