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The Future of Student Housing : 5 Fascinating Projects

The Future of Student Housing : 5 Fascinating Projects

Over the last decade, the market has seen a dramatic increase in the number of purpose-built student housing complexes. As student housing progresses more and more, innovation and modernization are being brought to this style of accommodation. Here are some unique and non-traditional examples of where the future of student housing may be heading.

1. Hub 01 Mobile Student Housing

(Developed by dmvA and A3 Architects)



Image © Mick Couwenbergh

Full Photo Gallery Here

When someone speaks of mobile housing, the first thing that typically comes to mind is trailers; but Hub 01 is nothing like a trailer! Hub 01 has revolutionized the concept of mobile student housing with their concept resting on three main principles: mobility, personalization and an educational design.

According to Arch Daily, the idea behind this project is to, “….provide an opportunity for students to take their own room to different places and attach it to a central terminal by a ‘plug-in’ system… By a simple connecting system, the individualized rooms can be attached to the terminal.”

Each of the rooms has their own customized concept, which can be attached to the central terminal. 



2. Tietgenkollegiet (Designed by Lundgaard & Tranberg)


Full Photo Gallery Here

While Tietgenkollegiet isn’t necessarily new (it was completed in 2006), it is still a leading model for the future of student housing. Tietgenkollegiet is aptly referred to as the “residence hall of the future”. The concept behind this residence hall is to create a space where students can grow both personally and socially in coalescence with their accommodations. A high emphasis is placed on the idea of community, as Tietgenkollegiet is home to over 400+ students.


Tietgenkollegiet is described as, “…not just a place to live – it is a place where you can feel at home and form close attachments to your fellow residents…” The sense of community is established through community kitchens, which are shared by 12 residences, and other communal shared spaces like cinemas, gaming rooms, pool, oriental lounge, gentleman room, and more. 

3. Smart Student Housing Unit (Developed by Tengbom)


Image: Bertil Hertzberg


Full Photo Gallery Here

Imagine living in a 108 square foot wooden house - sounds a little too small right? What if we told you these units have the potential to cut rents by half? While it may be small, the Smart Student Housing Unit by Tengbom makes up for it in several other ways. This design by Tengbom is cozy, creative, inexpensive and sustainable and may very well be a future trend in European student housing.


These cozy units include a study space, small kitchen and dining area, a swinging lounge, a raised sleeping quarters, bathroom and even a small patio all totaling only 10 square meters. 



4. Nido Spitalfields, London (Developed by Tigg Coll Architects)


Image: Andy Matthews


Full Photo Gallery Here

Tigg Coll has upped the ante here when it comes to ultra-luxury student housing. The accommodation was completely refurbished and redesigned to give the feel of a luxury member’s club instead of student housing. The contemporary and exposed aesthetic design make this student housing project stand out from the competition.


Architect David Tigg stated, “It was important to us to make sure the feel was relaxed and informal to invoke a sense of home but also to serve the aspirational and creative needs of young people in the building.” The building has somewhat of an industrial feel with exposed ductwork and concrete fittings.


5. Keetwonen – Amsterdam Student Housing (Developed by tempohousing)


Image: La Lezione Di Oggi


Full Photo Gallery Here


Shipping container housing is a relatively new trend that’s become more popular in the student housing sector, specifically in Europe. Keetwonen is unique, as it is the largest shipping container city in the world, totaling 1,000 units. Keetwonen is also extremely environmentally friendly, not only by repurposing shipping containers, but also by introducing a state of the art rainwater drainage system and heat dispersal system.


Each unit comes equipped with a bathroom, kitchen, balcony, study room and sleeping area. The units are spacious and provide students with all of the essential amenities, as well as a variety of community amenities like a café, supermarket, sports area and more. 

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