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If you are looking for the right time to make positive change in your life, now is that time! Don’t get me wrong, it's a good way to kick off the New Year but why wait! 


Making a resolution is the same as setting a goal, there’s no reason to wait for the stars to align before acting, just go for it!


Like many of you, I have many goals that I’ve already started to push forward with (some of them have me in a lot of pain right now). I’ve enjoyed talking about resolution goals with others, however; I'm surprised at the number of people who have simply stopped making resolutions for the simple perspective that they will not be successful.  


Sometimes we fail when trying to make better decisions or implement positive change but that’s no reason not to try. If you have a history of not reaching your goals, at least you have a history of goals and that should never change. Therefore; my recommendation is to keep pushing forward! If you need to start with small goals and work your way up, go for it.


I’ve got 3 tips for positive change and you don't have to wait until the new year to get started. Maybe you could incorporate one or all of them with your plans for a prosperous year.


1. Self-Awareness: If you can easily find reasons to not be successful, ask yourself if your reasons have a solution. To be truly successful we are going to face many challenges, how we deal with those challenges will determine our level of success. For me I have changed one small phrase that I had used in the past “I don’t have time”, I’ve replaced it with “I haven’t made time”. To be successful in a new area, sometimes we’ve got to drop bad habits to gain the time needed for success. Be honest with yourself and make your own way.


2. Commitment: It’s easy to see the good in our everyday actions but it’s equally important that we are aware of the things that aren’t going so well. Commit yourself to change, the kind of change that you want OR, that you need. No one else has as much control over your level of commitment that you do and YOU are the only person that will be with you every single step of the way.


3. Focus: Get motivated and focus on the goals, keep them top of mind and don’t allow adverse distractions to throw you off track. We’ve all heard the saying before “Out of sight, out of mind” and it’s true, focus on what needs to be accomplished and put it in front of you, write it down and place it somewhere that will ensure you always see it. One of my solutions was to get one of those exercise bicycle desks inside my home office so that when I am writing, I can get a little extra exercise in too.


Success is a choice that we make each day yet sometimes it comes harder than others. Know that whatever challenges you are facing, someone else has faced them before and some have faced harder challenges. Success will only come when we focus on the solution, not the challenge itself. Look forward to success, chose the outcome you want and deserve, your destiny is a decision that only you can make.



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