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You made it past the hard part, you leased out your apartment! Now What? Now you try to make your new tenant transition into your property as smooth as possible.  With these easy tips you can make your new tenant transition smoother, and therefore they will be happier.

  1. Offer moving services. Partner with a moving company in which you could send them business and they could offer discounts for potential tenants.  This helps the tenants with their moving process, which entails makes the moving process less stressful.

  2. Tell them the services in the area.  Most people are in contract with certain companies as in cable, Wi-Fi, or phone companies. Tell them the companies that are offered in the area so they may do some research on the pricing of the services they may want.

  3. Offer welcome gifts.  Welcome gifts can get you and your new tenants off to a great start! During the moving process the new tenant is moving all their property in but everything is packed up! A good welcome gift could include a bath towel, a roll of toilet paper, paper towels, a shower liner, and a small bar of soap. Maybe if you’re feeling generous even some Clorox wipes. This will help them get settled in and with their cleaning until they are able to unpack all their belongings.  A typical welcome gift should cost less than $15 dollars

  4. Give instructions on how to change their mailing address. Have a “Change of Address” packet from a local USPS office waiting for them when they move in, or you can instruct your tenants to change their address online at https://moversguide.usps.com . This is helpful to old and new tenants because its helps the new tenants minimize mail from the old tenant.

  5. Have a property management company.  This reassures tenants that their needs will be handled 24/7, whether it has to do with maintenance calls in the middle of the night or with an onsite manager being at their beck and call.


Landlord Benefits!

With these tips it shows the new tenants that you care and that you think of the little things.  Your tenants will appreciate the extra mile you put in and respect you for it.  This will decrease the chances of late rent, neglect, and poor cleaning habits. Remember a happy tenant = a happy life!

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